AML-CTF Outsourcing- BPO Compliance

CompliOfficer is a Spanish firm specialized in Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) Outsourcing Services to support your company complying with current regulations.

With a solid expertise in the national and international legislation, we are trained in the use of different AML platforms, including AMLcheck, the software developed by our partner RiskMS.

CompliOfficer helps your organization create a new AML departament or reinforce the internal team for dealing with the increase of the activity in a certain period of the year, adapting a new regulations or replacing the in-house staff.

The main advantages of outsourcing the AML/CTF team at CompliOfficer are:

  • Flexibility to increase or decrease the team in base of business needs.
  • Reduction of fixed costs and greater change adaption.
  • Effectiveness in the search of easy and generic solutions.
  • Inmediate availability of specialized talent, with skills on demand.

You can delegate your AML/CTF Unit to CompliOfficer to screen customers/prospects and third-parties, manage the alerts analyze and operational monitoring.

As experts in Compliance, we are a part of Cumplen (Compliance Professionals Association) to contribute to the development and professionalization of Compliance.




15 Oct 2020

Angela García signed an article in Funds Society about the relationship between the cross-frontier correspondent banking and the anti-money laundering worldwide policies.

24 Sep 2020

Funds People publishes an article by Angela García about financial entities and anti-money laundering.

21 Jul 2020

Angela Garcia, Head of Compliance Back Office at CompliOfficer, publishes an article in the Association of Compliance Professionals on the role of compliance in the recovery of the real estate sector.

25 Jun 2020

CompliOfficer launches its new CPO360 service to help adapt to the new regulatory challenges caused by the Coronavirus crisis.


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