AML Compliance Unit

Our AML Compliance Unit offers a BPO service based on controlling and following the activity of each regulated entity in accordance with the policy established by Regulators.

A BPO service provides important benefits to clients. Nowadays, it is not necessary to incorporate an internal compliance department or to invest in advanced technical improvements to comply with the requirements.

These Compliance functions are developed by a CompliOfficer team, with expertise and knowledge, offering innovative and adaptive solutions with a cost saving for the company.

We highlight the following services:

  • Sanctions and PEPs Screening.
  • Daily screening through compliance and legal checklists to detect and analyse new alerts.
  • RBA (Risk Based Approach) y KYC (Know Your Customer): Clients segmentations with annual reviews, required by Laws.
  • Transactional analyses for detecting suspicious transactions and communicating to the Regulator Authority.
  • Investigation reporting.
  • Suspicious transactions communications with official model (Form F19-1).
  • Elaboration, review and update different internal policies and procedures.
  • Monthly quality audits by AML Compliance Unit for ensuring the compliance of legal requirements.
  • Reports and audits.
CompliOfficer - Unidad Técnica PBC