Suppliers Homologation

CompliOfficer BPO helps you to comply with your supplier homologation process. We are a Compliance Process Outsourcing company specializing in Risk Management.

CompliOfficer BPO can handle the entire verification and control process for your suppliers and third parties to enforce compliance with controls and ensure quality standards.

CompliOfficer BPO works in coordination with the Compliance and Purchasing departments on three lines of action:

  • Risk analysis before contracting suppliers/third parties.
  • Validation of suppliers for their selection/approval.
  • Monitoring of activity from a holistic risk management point of view.

For this purpose, we have a ‘ready-go-go’ Compliance team to help you.

Likewise, we work with the most advanced technological platforms for the verification and control of suppliers.

Delegate to CompliOfficer BPO the verification of your suppliers.