Our firm

CompliOfficer is a firm specialized on the outsourcing of Compliance Services (CPO – Compliance Process Outsourcing). We cover all areas of regulatory compliance, with special emphasis on the regulations on Anti-Money Laundering, Counter Terrorist Financing and wider Financial Crime. As a BPO specialized in Compliance, we are coordinated with the internal teams to comply with the crime prevention model established in the company.

We partner the company to supervise the internal controls to comply with a system of prevention, control and reaction against these risks. Through the outsourcing of the Compliance service to CompliOfficer, the organization can:

  • Decrease costs with scalable projects. CompliOfficer can adapt the team to the different situations and peaks in activity.
  • Focus on the core processes of the Compliance area. The client can take on a more strategic and supervisory role, while CompliOfficer handles specific units or tasks.
  • Improve the quality of service. We offer a specialized team with demonstrated expertise and ability to find solutions efficiently.

CompliOfficer respects four principles to ensure our clients the best Compliance service:

CompliOfficer - Nuestra Firma especializada en Prevención de Blanqueo de Capitales

We are committed with all our projects and clients. By understanding their needs, we work to add value with our proposal. We develop individual solutions to fit their requirements, not only for companies, also for self-employed professionals. We take care our clients in the long-term.


We provide our clients, with full information for the decision making: the benefits and disadvantages of the proposals, apart from their costs and risks. Neither hidden information nor small print.


Due to reputational and legal risks of breaking Laws, clients trust in our team and feel confident to our know-how to compliance their requirements. Each project has a senior consultant to lead it and achieve the goals. We can therefore ensure the top quality of our projects for making final decisions.


Technology is required to abide with all legal requirements. Companies need a technological solution to be able to react quickly and efficiently before current and future risks. In the same way, Compliance Officer must be ready to respond to external factors like new environments and Regulations.