Regulatory Requeriments

Regulated entities by Act. 10/2010 in Spain must enforce the following legal requirements:

  • Certify the company in the SEPBLAC (Entity within the Bank of Spain) and appoint representative who will be responsible for the compliance of the legal requirements in the company.
  • Maintain a Policy of Client Admission to identify, accept and control the activity of clients and enforce Laws and Regulations.
  • Sanctions and PEPs Screening and checking their data during onboarding process, before starting a commercial relationship with them. It is mandatory to identify Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).
  • Create and update internal control protocols for the company to prevent money laundering activities.
  • Register and store company documentation in electronic format and preserve during 10 years since the business relationship has been finished.
  • Collaborate with SEPBLAC by communicating suspicious transactions when they had been detected.
  • Provide periodic reports to SEPBLAC about the activity of the company and the compliance of legal requirements.
  • Improve the compliance awareness of employees and partners.

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