Social Commitment

In CompliOfficer we have developed, together with RiskMS and Work4Data, a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that allows us to allocate part of our resources to the benefit of the society in which we enrich our activity. This strategy is based on five fundamental pillars:


We are collaborating with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as the Mensajeros de la Paz Foundation and the Foundation.


Thanks to the agreement with the Mensajeros de la Paz Foundation, employees can devote part of their work to collaborate in activities as volunteers within the areas that the foundation has: soup kitchens, food banks or second-hand clothes closet


Fundacion Mensajeros de la Paz


In the same way, the Foundation has helped us get in touch with small NGOs to which we have been able to donate office furniture in perfect conditions.


CompliOfficer is committed to job creation and equality in opportunities. Thanks to the agreement signed by our partner RiskMS with the FP Dual Alliance, in common also for CompliOfficer and Work4Data, we can offer students a first work experience according to the Vocational Training studies they are doing.

alianza FP DualThe main objective: to work for employees to develop a successful professional career within our company. Through tailored training plans, development interviews and continuous evaluation and the possibility of internally filling the different vacancies, we achieve that the talent retention rate is very high.


At CompliOfficer we are committed to the health and well-being of our employees. We provide them with the adequate resources for the correct performance of their professional work and we comply with the regulations on Prevention of Occupational Risks.


In addition, to combat sedentary lifestyle, CompliOfficer together with RiskMS organizes a teambuilding activity every year to improve skills such as collaboration and teamwork, promoting physical activity. It also offers to all the employees a cafeteria service based on healthy food.



At CompliOfficer, we try to develop our activity from a sustainable perspective, not only from the economic point of view but also environmentally.


Furthermore, taking into account the restrictions on the use of paper, we have established a waste recycling policy and periodically develop activities that encourage reuse.


The “Collaborative Library” initiative, which was inaugurated on April 23 on the World Book Day, has made the employees lend the books they have already read to their co-workers. This initiative helps to improve the good habit of reading besides helping to reuse books.



In the DNA of CompliOfficer there is, of course, the fight against fraud and corruption. As a firm specializing in Compliance, with special emphasis on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, we work to mitigate the legal and reputational risks of companies, through strict compliance with legislation.


Likewise, we collaborate with professional associations such as Cumplen and IOC to pool our knowledge and experience on PBC-FT and other areas of Compliance. The participation in non-profit events and associations allows us to collaborate in the professionalization of the sector.